How to glue a sticker to a motorbike tank without bubbles ?

by Christophe Huguenin

Glue our stickers without bubbles on your motorbike tank.

Instructions in 8 points.

  • 1 It is essential to remove grease from the surface. To that purpose , I recommend you our professional super degreaser, which will be useful to you for plenty of other uses.
  • 2 Use a measuring tape to put in place correctly your stickers.
  • 3 Once everything is settled, fix your stickers with an adhesive tape , to avoid them moving while you are sticking them.
  • 4 Get the pro squeegee. It is flexible and will not scratch the bodies..
  • 5 Use your vaporiser, spray some water blended with one drop of baby shampoo (neutral ph ) for a bubble-free gluing.
  • 6 Apply strongly your sticker and remove the water using by using your squeegee.
  • 7 Wet the transfer paper to make it easier to remove.
  • 8 If necessary, heat up to distort the sticker. It will take the form of your tank bit by bit.

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