by Christophe Huguenin

Decorative stickers Installation guide

(valid for stickers application on a wall , a window pane, a store front, a piece of furniture, a computer / laptop , a motorbike, a car … )

Recommendations for all types of vehicles and a vinyles

· The surface to be decorated must be free from dust, fat or wax.You can clean up the surface with water and white vinegar , but using a professional grease-removing is the ideal to remove all traces , hydrocarbons, glues and resins.

· The Lowest temperature for application is 8°C (46,4°F) , sheltered from wind, dust and rain.

In a clean vaporiser, prepare one litre of water with not much than 2 drops of baby shampoo. ♦ (recommended for medium and large size stickers) DO NOT USE SOAP OR WINDSCREEN WASHER

For stickers without transfer tape,we advise you the Avery professional squeegee to avoid scratching the sticker.

· For precise adjustments (stickers with several colours, logos, strips …)If possible, do not use transfer paper , or cut it on 2 strategic points, which will allow you to position it correctly, spray abundantly the sticky back of the sticker and the support to slide the second colour exactly where you want it to be.

Application on flat surface or lightly curved surface

· Position the sticker, glue one extremity with adhesive tape ( O ) to ensure that it won’t move , and rub it with a squeegee to apply the vinyle well to the transfer paper;

On the axis of the collage you just made, turn your collage over, so that you can only see the back of the sticker, then remove flat and lightly the support paper. For the carbon sticker, rub it with a little brush to make the sticker cling to the transfer tape.

Spray abundantly the body or the windows (with one litre of water and 2 drops of baby shampoo maximum ( ♦ ) )

· Put slightly the sticky surface of the sticker on your car body, begin with the extremity you taped before, to hold your sticker in place.

· Spray some water and remove it by rubbing your sticker with a squeegee, begin with the taped part. ( it’s finished if you are using a sticker without transfer paper )

Wait 10-15 minutes and remove flat and slightly the transfer paper.

If the transfer paper do not remove easily, spray it with a little water.

There you go it’s over. If you have some air bubbles, use a needle to pierce them.