by Christophe Huguenin

What can we customise with our stickers ?

Since 1995 our company has made her reputation by basing her progress on its adhesives and clothes’ quality.

Thousands of client talk about us on specialized forums : car , motorbike , aviation , marine , camping …. And decoration.

Our stickers are designed to be glued under the most extreme conditions.

Of course they can be glued in outdoor use :

  • On a motorbike
  • A car·
  • A scooter·
  • A quad bike·
  • A plane·
  • A boat or a jet ski·
  • A camping-car·
  • A glazing·
  • A shop sign
  • Skis , or snowboard

Indoor , they will have an infinite lifespan . So, they are perfect to decorate :

  • a piece of furniture
  • a wall
  • a door
  • a shower cubicle
  • tiles

They are easy to distort if you heat them up. So they can be glued on rounded surfaces. Rough surfaces like camping cars’, or structured wallpaper.

They are technical stickers for professionals

They have nothing to do with the stickers available anywhere. But we propose them to meticulous particular.

  • They are ultra resistant
  • Easier to glue
  • They withstand transport perfectly
  • They take back their original form if you heat them.
  • They keep their colour for more than 7 years. ( red stay red ..)
  • Keep their dimensions
  • They do not crackle with time, UV rays, or bad weather

A little technique... we mainly use polymeric vinyls.

Either the 3M model , which offers a guarantee of 7 years for external uses , and an unlimited guarantee for indoor decoration.

Either Avery model , even more performant , with a guarantee of 10 years for external uses, and an unlimited guarantee for indoor decoration too.

In brief, you are choosing quality. Your purchase will last a very long time, it will preserve your bodywork or your decoration.

If you need further information , I invite you to watch our videos and installation guide.