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Lezebre has been creating happiness for our customers since 1995, all over the world. Our expertise in adhesives and stickers, whether for all car stickers or your decoration, allows us to offer you an unrivaled service in personalized stickers, while providing you with inexpensive stickers.

Our cutting vinyls, selected from the best range of 3M and AVERY stickers, are deformable polymers with outdoor use guarantees of 7 to 10 years for your car stickers.
This guarantees you a sticker that is resistant to UV and washing, without your personalized adhesive changing color.
As a result, your personalized car and motorcycle stickers will remain perfectly stuck to your bodywork.
You can even varnish our stickers. With lezebre, everything is possible.

Simplified installation of our stickers for bubble-free bonding

Because we listen to our customers, we have created different installation videos and bubble-free installation guides to make sticking your stickers easier.
Of course, we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.
Whether you are an individual or a professional, the lezebre.lu team will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.
This allows you to personalize everything: you can stick your stickers on your car, your motorcycle, put a sticker on your camper van, a boat, a plane. Likewise, you will find personalized adhesive wall decorations to adapt to all supports such as furniture, refrigerators or computers.
All the stickers on our site can be varnished on the bodywork and adaptable to all types of supports, car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, camper van, plane.
To each their own shopping.

Endless choice of custom adhesives.

Our catalog has more than 23,000 products, but we create new stickers every day and are constantly expanding our offering.
This allows us to constantly offer you promotions and products that meet your needs as closely as possible.
With an unbeatable quality-price ratio, lezebre is the reference sticker site for sales on the internet.
Just contact us through this link and we will make your dream come true. Whether for the creation of a sticker kit, a decorative sticker or for personalized t-shirts for your club or business.

Cheap high quality sticker

We guarantee our customers impeccable product quality and service, while producing inexpensive stickers thanks to our experience.
All our stickers are designed, produced and shipped by the lezebre team.
This guarantees you not only impeccable service but also a quality sticker, which does not deteriorate and which does not cost much.

Clothing customization

The flexibility of our graphic designers and cutting professionals allows us to offer you very high quality personalized t-shirts and textiles, both in the textile used and the marking made on it.
The flocking of your t-shirt or the screen printing used will not change over time and will remain as it was on the first day.

Guarantee of reliable and fast delivery

Lezebre undertakes to do everything possible to ensure that your order arrives to you as quickly as possible in the best conditions.
We deliver worldwide, and our experience in this regard can be verified by consulting the numerous reviews of our customers.
You can also consult our Facebook page, and send us photos of your creations.

Secure payment

Because each person is unique, we offer you different secure payment methods, so that you can find the payment method that suits you best.
Whether you choose Paypal, payment by credit card, check or transfers, you will be guaranteed to receive your order as soon as possible.
With lezebre.lu, 100% of customers have been satisfied since 1995.

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