Accessories for installation and covering

Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner 1L
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2995 2799
Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner 1L Surface Cleaner is a solvent-free, high-performance cleaner, specifically developed by Avery Dennison® to remove small vinyl residue and clean dirt, silicone and wax from surfaces before application. A clean surface = a sticker that adheres better and for...
Knifeless finish line tape
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9200 7800
Allows for cuts without cutter. Roll of 50 meters.
AVERY DENNISON Flexible Squeegee ( Applicator Tool)
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Flexible professional AVERY DENNISON Squeegee used for easier application without bublles and for  Total Covering work.
3M 94 DI-NOC Primer 236 mL
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3700 3500
Primer DI-NOC to use as a decal to the edges and places that need to be heated.
Squeegee ( Applicator Tool)
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397 297
use the applicator tool for a easier application of the decal
Sprayer 1 L
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2100 1800
Water Sprayer 1 liter For a bubble-free application of medium and large stickers, we recommend this plastic spray bottle. Fill the bottle with fresh water and add 2 to 3 drops of baby shampoo (soapy and non-aggressive for sticker glue). Spray on the surface of application (glass,...
White felt squeegee
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2400 2000
White felt squeegee 70 x 100 mm.
Gloves 'special covering'
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3000 2600
Gloves designed for total covering  application to avoid burning your fingers when you heat the sticker .
Sealit Pen
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4100 3000
Tool to seal the edges of the vinyl.
Basic Cutter
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900 700
Standard knife with metal handle .
3M Rivet Brush Applicator
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2900 2500
Rivet brush 3M
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